21st Century

Imagine – a unique location in the heart of the new city district, with a well connected public transport system in a cycle-friendly environment.


An integral part of smart city

Nivy is the new city center. A pulsing transportation hub for the whole region and an integral part of a larger smart city concept. Hidden roundabout under the modern boulevard, and an underground bus terminal. This all leaves abundant green space and proves that the smartest solutions are often the invisible ones.

The Nivy Tower The Nivy Tower
29 1,004 sq m
Office 355 sq m
Terrace & restaurant 649 sq m
28 1,379 sq m
27 1,380 sq m
26 1,381 sq m
25 1,382 sq m
24 1,383 sq m
23 1,384 sq m
22 1,385 sq m
21 1,386 sq m
20 1,387 sq m
19 1,388 sq m
18 1,389 sq m
17 1,390 sq m
16 1,391 sq m
15 1,392 sq m
14 1,393 sq m
13 1,394 sq m
12 1,395 sq m
11 1,396 sq m
10 1,397 sq m
9 1,398 sq m
8 1,399 sq m
7 1,399 sq m
6 1,400 sq m
5 1,402 sq m
4 1,402 sq m
3 Retail
2 Retail
Ground floor Reception

The fastest lifts

By the time you finish reading this, you'd be on the 7th floor. The fastest lifts in country. No need to say more.

Lobby paradox

First impression matters.

Openable windows

Internal shading

Triple glazed facade

Inner staircases

Online App to simplify the uses of services

Smart parking

Intelligent LED lighting

The fastest lifts


The most elevated workplace in town. First class offices with Well Building Standard and BREEAM certification.

  • Suspended ceilings
  • Raised floor
  • Carpet squares
  • HVAC system

HB Reavis

Our mission is to bring remarkable experiences to people's lives through our real estate solutions. Pavel Trenka, CEO

Being one of few fully integrated real estate players in Central Europe is a true differentiator. And we do take it seriously: we are curious and passionate about everything that is new, we are open to adapt our work accordingly. That is what makes us a trendsetter in the field.

Development is our core interest, but we strive to go beyond that. Our fully integrated process encompasses all six steps of the development process.That is how we manage to be in full control and assume overall responsibility for each of our projects.